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Online HTML Editor Or WYSIWYG Editor

Online HTML editor is a WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) tools which lets you write web content online easily without having to worried about HTML markup, and preview of source HTML markup is displayed on to the right side which helps you understand what HTML markup is being generated and you can make some HTML changes if necessary. 

HTML editor also provides garphical user interface so that you are writing less code manually and making less error.

Online HTML editor contains following interesting features.

  • It contains two split windows side by side: 
    • Left Window: Left window is the visual HTML editor window here you write the web content.
    • Right window: Right window gives you the preview of the HTML markup generated, if you are new to HTML it can help you learn HTML.
  • It provides array of useful commands to help you write the web content with necessary content formatting.
  • You need to focus on content web content editing only, HTML will be generated by the editor automatically.
  • As you continue typing your content, preview of HTML code will be presented on to the right side of editor.
  • You can also edit HTML code manually on the right side and changes will be reflected in HTML editor screen.
  • HTML editor commands are presented in the form of icon buttons and from menu.
    • Example: Bold, Italic, Align Left, Align Right, Heading Formats.
  • HTML editor also supports visually embedding rich media content like images and video.
  • Important commands available in toolbar:
    • Fullscreen
    • Clear Formatting
    • Source code
    • Preview
    • Table
    • Image
    • Left Align
    • Right Align

How Online HTML Editor Works?

Online HTML editor (WYSIWYG editor) provides you a graphical interface built using web HTML, CSS and JavaScript and may use server side programming also to provide you the exciting features.

HTML editor provides you array of commands just like available in MS Word, so you get the user interface you are already aware of. It doesn't involve any steep learning curve.

HTML editor helps you write web content if you are completely unaware of HTML markup  language. You just concentrate on your content and HTML editor will take care of HTML code.

Since HTML editor is available online you are able to edit the HTML online from anywhere in the world.

Why to use Online HTML Editor (WYSIWYG Editor)?

For using online HTML editor you may have multiple reasons, some of which are as following:

  • You don't need any programming language experience to start using online HTML editor.
  • If you are a beginner to HTML world, WYSIWYG can help you learn HTML quickly.
  • If you are a web content writer or blogger, you can quickly start writing web content when you got the content idea and at the same time it is converted into web content format. Later you can use this content in your web or blog. Just do the copy paste.
  • It helps you create web content quickly, you only need to focus on content not on HTML markup.
  • No HTML editor software required to download and install, with software installation on your machine there can be some risk, with online versions of HTML editor you are free from such risk. 
  • Only web browser and internet connection is required to edit the HTML code.
  • Let you work from anywhere, You can login from anywhere in the world and start working. 
  • Freely available, Online HTML editor is available free, other HTML editor may require you to purchase the license. 
  • No maintenance required: Online HTML editor is maintained by the host. Since you don't own this you don't need to maintain this software.
  • Always upto date version: Online HTML editor is available as latest version, you don't need download the latest software.
  • Easy collaboration: While working you may need to collaborate with multiple people, online softwares helps you collaborate easily and effectively.
  • Social media integration: Online HTML editor helps you share content on social media easily with their built in social meadia integration.

Online HTML Editor (WYSIWYG editor) for SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Web content produced through HTML editor is also the search engine optimised.

When you write web content without the help of any HTML editor you may have invalid nested elements or incorrect use of HTML elements, but by using HTML editor you are less likely to do this kind of mistake.

When you are writing for web, you will definitely want it to be found out by people and there is no better place then search engines to reach out to the new people worldwide quickly.

How to use Online HTML Editor (WYSIWYG Editor)?

To start using Online HTML editor (WYSIWYG editor) just start typing in the window provided onto the left hand side, following are the some of the elements you want to add in HTML editor.

Paragraph: When you start writing in HTML editor without any selected command you are writing in paragraph tag. To start a new parapraph just press enter (return) key.

Heading: You can add heading H1, H2, H3, H4, H5 or H6. To add a heading go to Formats>Headings. You can also convert existing content to heading, to do this select the content and go to Formats>Headings and select your favourite heading type.

Bold: You can make content bold by selecting the content and pressing Ctrl+B. Or you can click on Bold icon in toolbar also.

Italic: You can make content italic by selecting the content and pressing Ctrl+I. Or you can click on Italic icon in toolbar also.

Underline: You can make content underlined by selecting the content and pressing Ctrl+U. Or you can click on Underline icon in toolbar.

Strikethrough: You can make content strikethrough by selecting the content and clicking on Strikethough icon in toolbar.

Align Left: You can make content align to left by selecting the content and clicking on Align left icon in toolbar.

Align Center: You can make content align to center by selecting the content and clicking on Align Center icon in toolbar.

Align Right: You can make content align to right by selecting the content and clicking on Align Right icon in toolbar.

Justify: You can make content justified by selecting the content and clicking on Justify icon in toolbar.

Unordered List: You can add a unordered list by selecting Bullet List in toolbar. You can also specify type of list you want to use, available options are : Default, Circle, Disc and Square.

Ordered List: You can add a ordered list by selecting Numbered list in toolbar. You can also specify type of list you want to use, available options are : Default, Lower Aplha, Lower Greek, Lower Roman, Upper Aplha and Upper Roman.

Decrease Indent: You can decrease content indent by selecting content and clicking on Decrease Indent button in toolbar.

Increase Indent: You can increase content indent by selecting content and clicking on Increase Indent button in toolbar.

Table: You can add a table at your cursor place by selecting Table icon in toolbar. While adding table you can select number of rows and columns you want to add. Table also has subcommands for adding, removing rows and columns.

Hyperlink: You can add a hyperlink by clicking on hyperlink icon, it will ask you url to link to and text you want to display.

Horizontal Line: You can a horizontal line by clicking on Horizontal line icon in toolbar.

Image: To add image at cursor position click on image icon in toolbar, specify the url of the image in source and click Ok. Optionally you want to specify other attributes there.

Video: To add video at cursor position click on insert/edit media icon in toolbar, specify the url of the video in source and click Ok. Optionally you want to specify other attributes there.

Text Color: To color text, select the text you want to color and click on Text Color icon in toolbar, from dropdown on right side of Text Color icon you can select color you want to use.

Background Color: To set background color of text, select the text you want to set background color and click on Background Color icon in toolbar, from dropdown on right side of Bckground Color icon you can select color you want to use.

Emoticons: You can choose a smiley from emoticons command available in toolbar.

Find and Replace: To Find and replace certain text you can click on Find and Replace command then specify text you want to search and text you want to replace with an click replace or replace all as you want.

Source code: HTML source code of your web content is available on right side window, you can also view source code by clicking on Source Code icon.

Preview: If you want to preview your web contetnt, how it looks like then you can click on Preview button in toolbar.

Clear Formatting: If you want to clear the formatting then select the target content and click on Clear Formatting icon in toolbar.

Fullscreen:  Fullscreen is very helpful if you to have bigger space for your content editing, to go to Fullscreen mode click on fullscreen in toolbar, you can return to normal mode by clicking again on fullscreen icon.

How This Online HTML Editor Is Different?

This Online HTML editor has following features which makes it outstanding:

  • Simple interface for writing web content. You can quickly start using HTML editor.
  • Maximum use of space used for better editing experience.
  • Preview of source code as you edit web content, editing HTML on right window updates content on left window also.
  • Fullscreen feature, For Maximum editing space you can to fullscreen mode.
  • Beautified Code preview on right side window, it may suggest you if some error in HTML syntax.

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