XML Encoder and Decoder

XML Encoder and Decoder online tool lets you encode or decoder XML online and contains following interesting features.

  • You can encode or decode XML string.
  • You can optionally choose use of indentation, shown on right sidebar.
  • If indentaion is used then you can specify indent level between 1 to 12, default if 4.
  • Encoded or Decoded XML will be copied to clipboard automatically, no need of additional click.
  • If you want to learn about the HTML then check our HTML Tutorial.

Output Copied to Clipboard.

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What is XML Encoding?

XML contains tags (for example <root> and <row> enclosed in <> brackets) which cannot be displayed by the web browser. Web browser tries to understand tags enclosed in <> angle brackets to display web page layout.

XML character encoding replaces these <> angle brackets and certain other characters with some combination of characters so that these characters can be displayed to the end user.

This is highly useful in case you want to show XML code on a web page, say HTML Tutorial.

Following are some examples of XML character encoding

XML Character Encoded XML Character
< &lt;
> &gt;
& &amp;

What is XML Character Decoding?

Character encoded XML contains charaters which are replaced by the XML encoding for example < converted to &lt; character combinations so that replaced characters can be displayed by the web browser.

XML character decoding reverses this encoding process and converts back encoded XML characters to their original form.

Example: &lt; to <

Following are some examples of XML Character Decoding

Encoded XML Character Decoded XML Character
&lt; <
&gt; >
&amp; &

Use Indent
Indent Level