HTML Tutorial

HTML stands for Hyper Text Markup Language.

HTML is the most widely used markup language for creating web pages.

Latest version of HTML available is HTML5.

HTML History

HTML was first created by Berners-Lee in 1991, and since then many versions of HTML has been released. 

HTML 2.0 was published in 1995.

HTML 3.2 was published in 1997

HTML 4.01 was published in 1999.

XHTML was published in 2000.

HTML 5 was published in 2012  and is the latest version available.


Beginner web designer and developers who wants to learn the basics of HTML.

Experienced professionals can use for reference.

Candidates preparing for HTML interview questions.

Prerequisites for Learning HTML

Basic knowledge of computers.

Any Text editor like Notepad.

Any Web Browser like Chrome, FireFox or Internet Explorer.